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Peter Perroncello, MS, CJM, CCT, CCHP

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Successful Direct Supervision Jails: Building Design or Operating Philosophy?

  • Peter Perroncello, MS, CJM, CCT, CCHP, Norfolk Sheriff's Office (Retired), Jail Management Consultant, LLC,
  • Anthony Callisto, Syracuse University,
  • Elias Diggins, CJM, CCE, Denver Sheriff Department,
  • Estéban Gonzalez, CJM, CCT, CCHP, Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office,
  • Vincent Wasilewski, CJM, Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office
  • Date:Sunday, April 9
  • Time:8:00 AM - 11:15 AM
  • Room:Grand 7A

This workshop explores the reasons for successful operations in three very different designs of direct supervision jail facilities: Onondaga County Justice Center (N.Y.), Norfolk County Jail (Mass.), and Denver County Jail (Colo.), as well as plans for the newest direct supervision jail planned in Santa Barbara County (Calif.). Because many county jails are designed with direct supervision architecture, facility design features are discussed, as well as early transition efforts, shifting programing needs, policy and procedure adjustments, and administrator turnover—all in the context of the physical structure of the facilities and the evolving organizational philosophy of direct supervision. The focus also looks to the future of direct supervision and how to use the experiences of past success to plan for a future of success.