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Marc F. Stern, MD, MPH

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Should I Contract Out Healthcare? And If So, How?

  • Marc F. Stern, MD, MPH, University of Washington
  • Date:Sunday, April 9
  • Time:8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
  • Room:Chicago/Denver

Whether to self-operate or to outsource healthcare services is a decision faced by many correctional facilities. Those facilities deciding to outsource often struggle with what to include in the RFP and how to select the right vendor. This workshop helps decision-makers to better understand and weigh the options they face in choosing between self-operation and outsourcing. For those deciding to outsource, the workshop explores four key groups of decisions: (1) Are there options other than private companies? Should I outsource the whole healthcare operation? What are the options for sharing costs with the vendor? (2) What information should I include in the RFP? Should I put in detailed information about our operation? Should I specify what I want the vendor to accomplish or how I want them to accomplish it? How should I address the incentives and disincentives? (3) How do I select the best vendor? (4) How should I monitor the contractor?