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Amber Michalski, CJM

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Getting Out of Your Own Way: Taking Your Leadership to the Next Level

  • Amber Michalski, CJM, Douglas County Department of Corrections,
  • Kimberly Miller, MC, Kimberly A. Miller & Associates,
  • David Pearson, Kimberly A. Miller & Associates & Fort Collins Police Department
  • Date:Sunday, April 9
  • Time:8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
  • Room:Grand 8A

As leaders, we are faced with personal and organizational challenges, but it is our own “stuff” that always creates the biggest problems. We are our own worst enemy and often create undue stress on ourselves and others because of our perceptions, reactions, and unmanaged “stuff.” The truth is that the only person we can ever really control is ourselves. This workshop challenges participants to examine their personal barriers to success and provides them with strategies to improve their approaches to both life and leadership. Participants can expect to obtain a new perspective on leadership, strategies to more effectively manage their personal and professional challenges, and empowerment to make the changes necessary to “get out of their own way.”