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Tim McWilliams

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Civilian Personnel: Leaders in the Making

  • Tim McWilliams, Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office,
  • Todd Dearmore, Kern County Sheriff's Office,
  • Brenda Dietzman, Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office,
  • Cynthia Kelley, Sumter County Sheriff's Office,
  • Michael Rosenberg, Suffolk County Sheriff's Office,
  • Scott Salley, MS, CJM, Collier County Sheriff's Office,
  • Rory Thelen, Thelen Consultants
  • Date:Saturday, April 8
  • Time:9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Room:Crystal K-L

This special session is designed to help support personnel, supervisors, and managers assess their own mindsets and adjust accordingly to the new leadership paradigms. It also equips them with the basic tools, such as planning, organizing, leading, controlling, and communicating. This workshop is designed to examine and appreciate not only their roles as leaders, but more so the dynamics of teams and the importance of teamwork. Spend the day with our instructors addressing effective communication, coaching and mentoring, team-building, conflict management, and building morale.