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Elizabeth Layman

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PREA Coordinator Forum

  • Elizabeth Layman, Price Layman, Inc.,
  • Isaiah Dennard, Florida Sheriffs Association,
  • Mary Kelley, Norfolk Sheriff's Office,
  • Jillian Shane, New Mexico Department of Corrections
  • Date:Saturday, April 8
  • Time:9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
  • Room:Crystal J1

Please note that PREA coordinators have first option for attendance. When registering for this workshop, please identify your jurisdiction and if you are the agency PREA coordinator or a facility PREA compliance manager. If the class is not full, others may be considered.

Designed specifically for PREA coordinators, this full-day session is constructed to provide the guidance and assistance that coordinators need from the PREA Resource Center. The workshop includes a substantial amount time to peer-share and network with other PREA coordinators. Participants are placed in small groups for scenario/situation-based discussions, and these groups change composition throughout the day so that everyone has an opportunity to network with as many participants as possible. In addition to a significant time set aside for questions and answers, the specific topics to be discussed with the full group include: placement and searches of LGBTI persons, using and finding available resources, developing an adequate staffing plan, and review of the audit process.